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The Woodfield Mall in suburban Schaumburg will welcome customers for the first time in more than a decade, while the Waukegan Mall of Fate will remain in Lakehurst. Gurnee Mills is one of five major shopping malls in Illinois, including some in the Chicago suburbs, that are set to reopen this week as part of a major renovation of the state's largest mall. Last Handful retailer, is set to move into most of Illinois as the five largest malls in Illinois, which include a handful of Chicago suburbs, will reopen their doors to stores this weekend.

Gurnee Mills, a shopping center built by Mills Corporation and operated by Simon Property Group, is one of the largest shopping centers in the United States and the second largest in North America. The existing Mills shopping centre was sold to Simon Property Group in 2012, making it the first Simon Property property in the world to be sold.

Lakehurst also suffered from the recession of the early 2000s that also hit Gurnee Mills, and the mall lost two of its key anchors when Syms left the store and Waccamaw furniture went out of business in 2001. Spiegel closed its retail chain completely in 2002 and Sears closed its catalog and outlet stores in 2003, leaving room for a new, smaller Sears and Kmart store and a small department store. In the shadow of the much larger mall, Lakehurst's other two major anchor stores, Target and Nordstrom, have declined over the decades. Both closed in 2004, while the few remaining tenants, including Sears, Sears Roebuck, Macy's, K-Mart and Target, moved out.

Gurnee Mills, touted as the world's largest outlet mall, had been met with confusion among local consumers, as it had more stores than any other mall in the US, and the first six months of profits fell short of expectations of Western Development and Gurnedee regarding the tax base. But after the opening of Potomac Mills in 1985 and the Philadelphia Mills and Sawgrass Mills under construction at the time, it became the second largest shopping center in Illinois after Lakehurst.

The placement of the mall in Gurnee was intended to bring customers from Chicago and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was part of a larger expansion of Chicago-area shopping centers in Illinois, including the opening of the Chicago Mall, the first of its kind in the state.

The mall already has many retailers on its premises and said it will continue to do so for customers who want to avoid queues of shoppers. With more shops opening every day, retailers are expected to benefit from a significant backlog of consumer demand.

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